Hello you!
My name is Azrea - I’m a daughter of Fenga and Bya-Sbo. I was born on 17th January 2003 in the breeding station Nan-Šan to widen our pack. I took after my father. I behave more like a boy than a girl - when I was small I used to fight a lot especially with my brother Argent. I reached the high of my mum - I’m also 65 cm tall (DKK AA), but I’m slimmer and nimble. Jump over 150-cm-tall garden gate is not a problem for me - I am a lovely mover and everybody can envy me my prize tail. I am good-tempered, self-confident and likeable but I can be also stubborn and I’m able to fight for important things. Maybe I am a little bit spoiled and I know how to use my always sad-looking eyes. I love my freedom and movement but I really hate fairs although I am usually very well awarded, even in Slovakia. I can imagine more funny activities! For example I like teaching my human pack how to tidy up: I am a specialist on destroying TV remote controls, baskets, brushes, granny’s Sunday shoes - ll that I can damage. Otherwise I am contented dog actually a bitch. I help mum watch over the house and garden - role is to be the first explorer. In fact I am completely happy and you?