Tere! Oh, excuse me, I can already speak Czech! So Ahoj! (Hi in Czech). You know I originally come from Estonia! My name is Chenporewa Dalai Dewan Nan san, but they call me simply Dina. I’m a strong personality and I always wanna be the first one at the place where is something going on. I’m a born leader! Althought I am not the higher one in our dog family, I’m really self-confident and try to lead our pack. Mom’s name is Chenporewa Blue Bonx and she is blue – tained. Dad is (or unfortunatelly was) Chenpowera Andorg – he was very succeful in exhibitions because he was really handsome. Unfornutally, he suffered from a serious illness and died before my birth. I was born on the same day as Conny – 24th January 2006. Azrea is my adoptive mother who plays with me a lot and is always the one who is also involved in my monkey tricks! I’m restless and I always try to put up Conny to my dirty business – you know, two can do more than one!

29/09/2007 I became dam, high 64 cm, dysplasia 1/1 (HD B/B). I obtained respect yet, guess who is commander? :-)

Exhibition gain:
IDS Bratislava 12/5/2007, Excellent 2
IDS Bratislava 18/8/2007, Excellent 4
NS Brno, 09/09/2007 E4
CS KCHMPP Mlada Boleslav, E1, Class winner
IDS Ceske Budejovice, Excellent 4
4/11/2007 IDS Nitra Excellent 4
18/11/2007 IDS Praha Excellent 2, R.CAC
13/1/2008 Haná national show Excellent 1, CAC
10/03/2008 IDS Brno Excellent
30/03/2008 NITRACANIS Excellent 4
18/05/2008 Springduodanube Bratislava Excellent 2, R ,CAC
06/06/2008 CVP Senec Excellent 3
29/06/2008 Intercanis Brno Excellent 4
17/08/2008 IDS Bratislava Excellent 1 CAC
25/01/2009 IDS Trencín Excellent 3
07/02/2009 IDS Brno Excellent 2 , R.CAC
08/02/2009 IDS Brno Excellent 2, R.CAC
08/03/2009 IHA Graz, Rakousko Excellent 1 CAC
05/04/2009 IHA Wieselburg, Austria Excellent1 CAC, R.CACIB
8/5/2009 Club show, Excellent 3
9/5/2009 Springduodanube IDS Bratislava, Excellent 2, R, CAC
10/5/2009 Springduodanube IDS Bratislava, Excellent 1, CAC,
5/6/2009 OVP Senec Excellent 1, CAC
7/6/2009 IDS Grand Prix Slovakia Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB Grand Prix Slovakia Winner 2009
20/6/2009 Club show Mlada Boleslav, Excellent 2 Res.CAC
28/6/2009 IDS ONTERCANIS Brno - Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB
19/7/2009 Oberwart, Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB
21/8/2009 Wels, Excellent 2, Res.CAC
20/06/2010 Intercanis Brno Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB
19/09/2010 club TD SK Trusalova Excellent
26/09/2010 Moravian-Silesian national show Brno Excellent 1, CAC, National winner

Dina has satisfied conditions to obtaining title Interchampion !!!

Dina is czech champion of beauty!

šampion krásy - Dina

Dina has satisfied conditions to obtaining Slovak champion !!! 

Slovak beauty champion

Dina is Interchampion!