Hi Guys! My name is Fenga and I was born on 11th February 2000 at the breeding station Zangao (Ořech u Prahy). My mum is called Vati Lägsa Ni a Soechavati and dad’s name is Carmero Zangao. My new home is situated in a small village nearby city of Brno. Our family live in a house with a large garden (1200 m2) and my duty is to watch this little kingdom. At the beginning of my living here I had a teacher - an older dog Belinda - but later on it was me who became to be the leader. I am 65 cm tall and my weight is 50 kilos - I am a big girl - in spite of it I have the dysplasia (DKK A/A) HD 0/0. I love going out with my mistress - I look after her! I don’t mind traveling by car - no problem if have to travel all the day! What I really hate are the summer holidays of my human family - do you ask why? They usually leave for holidays without me and stay there at least for 2 weeks! Although I stay at home with my human grandma who is really fine, I am always sad like a hell - I can’t eat, I sit at the garden gate and wait for my family! Granny gives me some goody because she wants to make me feel happy when my family is away and doesn’t want me to starve ( but I have to admit that I always put on some weight)! Although I love the taste of TV remote control and of smelly home slippers, my human pack loves me (I am sure) and of course I love them too! Do I have to add anything? Simply, I am HAPPY!