Tibetian dog

    Tibetan Mastiff is an ancient work breed of nomad shepherds living in Himalayas and also traditional guard of Tibetan temples. From the very first moment of its discovery in Middle Ages, Tibetan Mastiff is accompanied by legends. This breed was first mentioned by Aristotle (384 - 322 BC) and then in lots of other records like those by Marco Polo who went to Asia in 1271 - in all the historical files Tibetan mastiff is praised for its natural power and its mental and physical grandiosity. Even the bark of the dogs of this breed is described as an unique and higly appreciated attribute.

   Prime European dogmen of the past (e.g. Martin, Youatt, Megnin, Beckmann, Silber, Bylandt) were higly interested in Tibetan mastiff because they were fascinated by its place of origin and its role in Tibetan culture. Some of them consider this breed to be the progenitor of all great dogs of mountain type and mastiff type. One of the first Tibetan Mastiffs, which reached the shores of western world, was a dog sent by Lord Hardingen (indian govermor) to the Queen Victoria in 1847. In 1880ties Edward VII (the Prince of Wales) brought two Tibetan mastiffs to England. One of the first litters of Tibetan mastiffs was registered in 1898 in Berlin ZOO.