Careful granny Fenga

 Happy News!

10/12/2010 were born 9 puppies :
7 girls - 5 black and tan and 2 blue and 2 boys – 1 black and second is blue.

Careful mammy : DINA – CHENPOREWA DALAI DAEWAN NAN ŠAN – Czech champion, Slovak champion, Intechampion, 3 x CACA in Austria
And proud father : DAISHO NAN-SAN – Polak champion, Interchampion
10/12/2010 !!

Conny –  International Beauty Champion


Happy Valentine's Day!

PF 2010







If you want to have a dog which will respect your orders don´t buy tibetan mastiff. Tibetan mastiff has its own opinion. TM is unteligent enough to act alone. It is a proud animal - it considers itself to be equal to human. First of all tibetan mastiff has to trust you only like that it can be a good partner for you. TM is the best watchdog. It is calm and good-tempered dog - that´s why it is a faithfool triend.

   How's the life with this amazing creature? Simply great! It's really free and easy dog - calm, good-tempered, not demanding movement (it doesn't mean it is not able to go for a long walk), it respects your peace and silence. It doesn't need big amount of food but the quality is important because the first year of its life is heavy on food of high quality - the weight of the puppy will increase from 500 grams to almost 50 kilos. What the dog really needs is the contact with its human family. The outcome of your relationship will be a friendship for life … the dog will understand your feelings, moods, it will protect you, your home and all the people living in your house......